Today marks the end to my second week of masters, wow! The energetic vibes and demands of university plus meeting new people has been both exhilarating and exhausting. Uni’s such a cauldron of diverse people that I would never meet otherwise, since over time I had gradually isolated myself to work, friends and family – the change is refreshing.

The coursework is just what I imagined and wanted, learning about cool new progressive philosophies in education and learning about diverse and inclusive teaching. So many ideas have been flying through my mind these past few weeks that I felt that putting them down as blogs would be a great idea to keep track of my reflections.

I got to play around with MPCs (music production centers) and beat makers in class for the first time. James’ anecdote about a rural school where the boys would obsess over making beats in music class as to take them away from other studies impressed me, and his suggestion that we all get really competent at one MPC and one music notation software hit home (being a classical pianist I knew that I was weak in those areas), and for the past few days, I’ve been watching tons of videos on Youtube of producers making music on the fly. Although I must say that beats can get pretty formulaic after a while, and I see a lack of those really beautiful and crunchy chord progressions that I love in Poulenc or Frank; I wonder if I can incorporate those in?

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