The weeks seem to fly by as it feels so soon since I last wrote my blog post. Week 3 learning has revolved around cultural interpersonal relationships as we have many assignments coming up for inclusive and special education as well as education in Aboriginal peoples’ context, both areas that I am very interested in, because I want to eventually teach at a rural community. Once again looking at statistics for music education in NSW and Australia, it struck me that people love making and experiencing music but must have some hindering barriers or assumptions to music learning because the numbers tell us that a mere 7% of students in HSC elect to take music. I genuinely felt that technology is going to be the decisive factor in the future of music education, it just makes sense because as good as classical western music educational traditions are, they are very antiquated (I grew up learning how to play the piano from Czerny and Hanon, white dudes from the 18th century), modern kids who grew up living and breathing the internet and haven’t experienced a time without it would take to computer based music making like fish to water! Aided by the countless tutorial videos on Youtube the students would intuitively learn how to self-guide and resource their own learning. Wasn’t that the goal of teaching? So, I took the plunge to buy a second hand Ableton Push and software and get to work and James’ anecdote about his Friday night cheesy hit mix sounded like the best place to start.

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