The word always baffled me: Producer I was always assumed directors directed cinema and composers composed pieces of music – nevertheless, producing music is so FUN! Having been a very low tech classical pianist before starting my Masters at the Con, and very fortunate to meet technological whizzes like James Humberstone and Brad Fuller, I have lost myself hours on end in the world of electronic music production. Playing with sounds, setting up drum patterns, combining and permuting musical ideas is an endlessly fun activity that I am certain teenage students will love, and my tech project will serve a dual purpose: to get me skilled up as well as to teach students how to do so, as seasoned music teachers have told me, “You just need to be one lesson ahead of the students.” What I should emphasise and remember is the feeling of excitement of the process which is the essence that I would like my future students to experience rather than the mechanics of the job.

This is the wonderfully endearing video that I sampled into a track.

And my unfinished track titled -“who made the train”

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